About us

About Petia Startup

Petia Startup is an application designed for protecting animals and facilitating pets staff. Which is launches for both pets’ owners and pet stores.

Petia Startup is the latest app powered by Knowledge-based company of Faradade Rayaneh Sourena now available for public usage.

The copy write of Petia Startup is belonged to Mr. Ali Delshad Tehrani who starts working on this app since May 2017.

The Aim of Designing Petia Startup

Nowadays, pets are the important parts of human life and most families have accepted them as a member of their family.

Petia Startup is a customer-oriented business which is designed and launched through identifying deficiencies of keeping pets and distinguishing the best way to help the pets’ owners.

In addition to the facilitating of keeping pets, Petia Startup is trying to make an important role on supporting homeless animals and is working as a supporter and companion alongside of pets’ owners and animal lovers.

Features of Petia App

  • People who own a pet/ pets can install this app and search for pet store all over their cities and shop everything they want from pet shops.
  • Petia App is downloadable through SibApp for iOS Platforms, Google Play and Café Bazaar for Android Platforms.
  • Every pet product, supplies and foods on Petia App are categorized and defined with pictures, price and complete explanation.
  • On the Petia App, we dedicated 3 ways for pay: online, cash and credit.
  • Whether a customer's product is in high demand, users can specify this necessity in their shopping cart. (So that they mark that item in their shopping cart)
  • There is a Wish List on Petia App. This list will allow customer to store its high-value or most needed product/ items in one place within the app in the Wish list (this list helps the customer not to forget the goods they need and interest in).
  • Through online order, customers will not be on urban traffic and will not waste his time for buying from pet shops.
  • Petia Support Team is with users during the time of using app and will fix the problems of users during the ordering and delivery process.