Keeping Pets

Keeping Pets

Keeping pets has a lot of fan due to the benefits of domestic animals and positive features of having a pet; also it is recommended by many psychiatrists.

If you are one of those people who have had the experience of keeping pets, you definitely understand the role of animals in human life and their unconditional love.

The Role of Animals in Human Life

The role of animals in human life, apart from the benefits of domestic animals in feeding human beings and maintaining the balance of natural ecosystems by different species of animals, has brought new meaning to the keeping pets in recent centuries.

The role of animals in human life and mutual interaction takes place in a variety of ways, and there is a lot of friendly, profound, and profitable relationships between humanity and animals.

These roles could be analyze from different approaches.

The Benefits of Domestic Animals at Industries

The domestic animals are used at different industries which the most important of them are food industry.

The role of animals in human life especially the benefits of domestic animals for human being as a major food source in preserving the survival and continuation of humanity from the earliest days of the advent of humanity, has so far been well known.

In addition to the food industry, the benefits of domestic animals and using them on agriculture and manufacturing industries has always been prominent.

On the other hand, despite the rejection of many ethical principles, we also see the effects of animals in human life as a consumable ingredient in the fashion and apparel industry.

Inspiration from the type of movement, body state and physiology of many animals has long been a source of inspiration for designing a variety of technologies in the manufacturing industry.

The Benefits of Domestic Animals in Medical Sciences

With the advancement of medical science, the benefits of domestic animals and the occasional use of inhaled animals have also led to many therapies and improvements in medical science.

Due to the presence of common diseases between humans and animals, the route of treatment and vaccine for a number of diseases has also been taken from the carriers itself.

The Benefits of Keeping Pets

Perhaps the growth of technology, the emergence of cyberspace and cultural change in recent centuries, which has led human become more tangible, has boosted the keeping of pets over time.

Nowadays, we see in many societies that keeping pets for many people and families are become important and sometimes pet is considered as a family member.

Keeping pets and theirs helps to human can be counted as benefits of domestic animals.

Reduction the Risk of Allergies

In contrast with popular belief, keeping pets at a child's age can reduce the risk of allergic reactions in adulthood.

Reduction of blood pressure

Keeping pets can have positive effects on cardiovascular activity.

Perhaps even looking at playfulness and pet activity can help eliminate mental stress, calmness and ultimately the body's positive performance in blood pressure.

According to a study on elderly people who had been keeping pets, compared to the people who did not, older people with a pet had a stronger and healthier heart.

Improvement of fitness

According to a study by a physiologic and health magazine on 2011, the owners of pets such as dogs, walk 19 minutes more than anyone else during the week.

In general, keeping pets and playing with them will increase the mobility of individuals and thus improve their fitness and health.

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