Selling pets

Selling pets

Selling pets has been expanded with the advancement of human life and the human relationships diminishes in countries around the world, and Iran is one of those countries.

Pets care has been turned to a hobby for people and the relationship between human and animals is increasing day by day.

Increasing of relationships with animals has been expanded in Europe after World War II; before that this kind of relationship was not common.

Nowadays, selling pets and providing pets’ supplies at online pet shop are becoming the 5th high-income industry in the world.

According to the above mentioned, launching an online pet shops with the relevant standards is considered as one of the high-income jobs.

How Can Launch an Online Pet Shop

It is not easily possible to choose the suitable place for pets’ care and selling pets;

Because you should insure that the neighbors do not have any opposition to keeping pets and their voices.

In case that you found a place with those features, the cost of buying or renting are usually so much expensive.

Therefore, using online pet shop for buying or selling pets and providing supplies for pets are easier and cheaper.

So, the owners of online pet store can have considerable benefits by selling pets accessories for pets’ care like cage, collars, medicines, food and etc.

"The knowledge-based company of Faradade Rayaneh Sourena" has been provided the possibility of buying pets’ food and other supplies easily by several clicks from Petia app.

All brands and different pet shops are available for buyers with this app.

The products will be purchased online by the users and delivered to their home. 

Disadvantages of Launching Pet Shop

Pets like birds and Rodents and other kind of animals and quadrupeds are at the risk of various diseases.

If the disease spreads among animals, it is possible to destroy all funds of their owners and infect other animals.

One of the animal diseases that is common among most animals and there is the possibility of transmitting disease from animal to humans is rabies, fever (Distemper) and a kind of virus called Parvo.

In addition to above mentioned, ticks, head louse, parasitism, bacteria, viruses and fungi also could endanger the health of the animals.

Due to the possibility of animals’ affection by various types of diseases, the health and treatment of their illnesses must be done with high precision, and any inattention in this regard will result in irreparable losses to the owners of the animals.

The Market of Buying and Selling Pets in Iran

According to the presented descriptions, buying and selling pets have been booming in Iran in recent years.

Iranian have interested in pets care such as birds from long time and today the range of animals of interest to Iranian people has increased.

Nowadays, people have interested in pets’ care; so buying and selling dog, cat, squirrel, monkey, hamster, rat, snake, turtle and rabbit have found its fans.

The dogs and cats among above mentioned animals have more fans than other animals and pets.

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8 January 2020 - 10:41

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