Selling wild animals

Selling wild animals

 Selling wild animals is one of the main concern that nowadays it is also known as selling specific animals or keeping pets.

Unfortunately, this phenomenon is by no means to be associated with strange pets.

Today, the selling wild animals or the selling specific animals as strange pets has been completely wrong all over the world;

Because, in fact, the animals sold in this name are not classified as pets at all.

Not only the selling wild animals as a strange pets is not helped the survival of these creatures but also endangered the lives of even many species of animals because of their nature.

Selling Wild Animals in World

The illegal trade of pets and selling specific animals is not unique to a few countries; the sale of wild animals takes place around the world.

The illegal trade of animals in the world is about smuggling ivory elephants, selling skin of animals like tigers and reptiles, shark fins and hundreds of other things.

Selling wild animals, whether smuggled by their organs or strange pets, is the fourth illegal trade in the world after drug trafficking, counterfeiting goods and currency and human beings trafficking.

The selling special animals and illegal trade in countries such as India, Thailand, China, Saudi Arabia, the United States and Bangladesh have been seen more than anywhere else in the world, and have recently been seen sporadically in Iran.

The Implications of Selling Wild Animals

  • Extinction of Species

Lots of rare animal species in the world are endangered by the presence of illegal hunters, who often sell wild animals and trafficking their organs.

The existence of different animal species are obligatory and necessary for the food chain and the maintenance of the natural ecosystem of each area.

With the extinction of the generations of each animal species, the demographic balance of the predators of the species and plant species or animal that they ate, would be destroyed.

About 11 to 26 million tons of fish are caught annually in the world; many of which are sold as strange pets in the market of selling wild animals.

More than 10 million penguins have been sold in the past decade; most of them lost due to lack of living conditions.

The African elephant population is extremely threatened with extinction due to excessive hunting for such ivory, and more than 30% of the crowd of these elephants have been imprisoned behind bars of prisons that are regarded as zoos, circuses or tourist attractions.

  • Killing More than 1,000 Park Ranger in the World

Over the past decade, more than 1,000 park rangers, foresters and fighters of illegal animals hunting have been killed by hunters.

  • Transmission of common diseases to humans

Many animals that are sold as strange pets in the market of the selling specific animals, have a dangerous and common disease with humans.

Due to the illegality of this market, the specific and unknown conditions of this animal's life for the general public and the lack of acceptance by many veterinary clinics, their common diseases will be transmitted to humans and their relatives.

Selling wild animals and keeping them as pets is not only a great threat to the survival of these creatures; but it is also a serious threat to the human race by destroying the environment and transmitting disease from animals to human.

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8 January 2020 - 10:41

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