Birds Pet Shop

Birds Pet Shop

Birds pet shop and the way of keeping pets, especially pet birds, is very important and need to training and acquire specialty. Pet birds, because of having high intelligence, require special care (treatments).

The Way of Keeping pets

Pet birds are so sensitive and strive; they have a lot of expectations from their owners. Below, we mentioned some of the most important tips for keeping pet birds.

•    Make close relationship with pet birds

The meaning of close relationship is to transfer sense of intense and love to pet birds especially in the form of touching them.

•    Attention to horror (scary) situations for birds and avoid to make these situations.

•    Making safe environment for living pet birds and providing comfort

Birds Activity

Birds are mentally so active and need enough space for their motions.

First, you must sure about the place of your pet birds’ cage. It should be near your family at your hall.

At keeping pets, in order to make mental comfort for them, you should provide a suitable space for birds to fly according to your home limitations.

In case you leave the birds free at your home, pay attention to doors and windows, ceiling fans and hot pot on oven not to hurt your pet birds.

Birds' Play Equipment

You, as owner of pet birds, can visit the birds pet shop or other pet stores, to buy toys and play equipment for birds.

Pay attention to these tips at choosing toys for your bird:

•    Non-use of fibers at birds’ toys

Birds with the help of their beak can tear and eat the fibers of toys. This could harmful for their health.

•    Avoid choosing harsh and hard toys at keeping pets

These kind of hard and hard toys could harm the birds’ beak.

•    Connecting some leaves and branches of trees to the birds’ cage in order to make an entertainment environment

•    You should buy some to toys for distracting the animal minds in order to make more physical activity

Nowadays, with the help of technologies and designing various types of mobile applications, you don’t need to go birds pet shop physically. You can order your required staffs for your pet from apps.

The knowledge-based company of “Faradade Rayaneh” by designing an app, named “Petia”, has made the supplies of pets accessible.

This app is a pet store that allows you to buy products and supplies from your desired pet shop for your pet by few simple clicks.

Feeding birds

One of the important issues related to keeping pets is their correct feeding.

Suitable diets for any pet, especially birds, are an important issue about their health.

At first you should know that your pet birds eat seeds or fruits; then can easily order their foods from pet shop

Environment of Pet Birds

Birds can easily live at various (wide) range of temperature and humidity  

No sudden change of surrounding weather of birds is the important tip.

It is useful for birds to exposure on the direct sunlight and set their cages to the sunlight.

The Cleaning tips of the Birds

It is important to trim the feathers and cut birds' nails.

Birds take bath daily; for many of them, it is enough to have a water container on their cage but some of them want to take shower.

If you pay attention to the principles of keeping pets, the birds are considered one of the best pets and they entertaining their owners.


3 May 2020 - 16:47

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