Android & iOS

If you use Android  or iOS, you can click on the following 'Download' link to download our application.



Take Pet Shop Home

Brows pet shops from the convenience of your home or office. Simply find what you need and receive it at your door steps.


Searching All Pet Shops

You can search for the product you need and find the closest pet shops to you that carry the item. You can then compare and make the purchase from the store you like.


Different Payment Options

You can pay by cash at your door when receiving your items or you can use your bank cards for the purchase. You can also charge your Petia Credit account and make your purchase with your credit.


Discounts and New Arrivals

With Petia, you will be informed about discounts and new products frequently and before others.  


Home Delivery

Skip the traffic and the crowded streets by simply ordering and receiving your items at your door steps.


 Preferred List

You can create a ‘Favorite List’ with the items you order frequently and place your order with one click. Petia will tell you which store has all of the items in your ‘Favorite' List.